samedi 24 septembre 2016



Miranda is powerfully beautiful. When she stares at you, even though she is tall and square, even though she dresses terribly, you cannot help feeling a soft point in your chest. Yet no boys dare speak to her. She does have friends though and those more common-looking girls do find boyfriends. But not her. She feels quite lonely but tries not to care and studies hard. She loves thinking about uncommon things, maths questions or medieval epochs. As time goes by, she finds it harder and harder to communicate, as she spends most of her time alone. Then she starts drinking at parties and her life changes.

Picture by Yago Partal

dimanche 18 septembre 2016



Çınar is the shyest guy on earth. He blushes when the camera looks at him in photobooths. He says he dresses in black because he is colourblind but the truth is he hopes he will go unseen. It usually fails, because he is so stout and handsome. His eyes are a very pure gold, yet not many people see them as he only looks at the ground. Then one days he meets Sevinç. Sevinç has brown hair with shadows in it and her skin is as sweet as dawn. She is straightforward and joyful and she has wonderful green eyes. Mostly, Sevinç is blind. Çınar falls in love instantly.

Picture by Yago Partal

samedi 10 septembre 2016



Wolverine has definitely turned into a lonely beast. He never really trusted anyone but the world's lunacy has now had him lock himself in. He spends his days in a dressing gown, trying to read classics. Yet he is mostly irked by novels: Austen sends poisonous darts in a jungle of futile rules, Zola's tiresome castles always end up collapsing... Essays are even worse, as they try to understand a meaningless world. Now Wolverine longs for fresh air, but he restrains himself: humanity can die in rivers of blood, he won't try to help anymore, thank you very much. He once was a superhero but he has learnt that crowds' gratefulness is a one-day flower, then you go back to feeling different and unwelcome. So he plays video games and puts on weight. Then one day he gets a letter.

Picture by Yago Partal

samedi 3 septembre 2016



Gonçalo has got that cold again. Every winter brings it back. So Gonçalo barely gets out of bed and, when he does, wraps himself in many layers of wool. Then he waits for the cold to disappear, for he cannot work : Gonçalo is a Nose for a French perfume company. He gets terribly bored, surfs aimlessly on the Internet or sleeps all day for a week. Then one day the chemist around the corner tries to talk him into buying yet another new drug for his cold. Gonçalo hardly listens to the talkative girl but takes the drug out of boredom. Yet, to his great surprise, the cold is gone in two days. Gonçalo goes back to the chemist's to thank her and, without thinking, asks her out for dinner. The next night, he finds out she is not only a talkative brunette but a very lively one too. When morning comes, he is terribly tired and in love, even though she smells a bit of clove.

Picture by Yago Partal