mardi 16 août 2016



Sagar has always loved girls stuff. As a child, he used to sneak into his mother's bedroom and put on her underwear. He also borrowed her high-steel shoes and walked the long corridor, watching himself in the large mirror at the end. When he got thirteen, he told his mother he wanted to be a drag queen. He got slapped in the face. So he started dating girls. Meanwhile, he was brilliant at school, went to university, where he chose Aesthetics and Non-Euclidian Geometry. He got a PhD fairly easily in both fields. By then, he dated boys and girls alike. He is now fifty-two and he happily goes from one person to the other. Whatever their gender, he usually makes up when he goes out, and dresses terribly. He is also famous in the small world of mathematics for his theory on Unreal Intersections between Disjoint Vector Spaces. Sagar truly enjoys being utterly queer.

Picture by Yago Partal